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Updated: Aug 3, 2022

“Successful Digital Marketer, Making Six Figures or Having a Certificate doesn't mean you're successful. It's the journey and your satisfaction in your career that defines your Successful. Yes, I'm a Successful Digital Marketer.”

Welcome to my blog post. I have added my views and life experience that how I became a successful digital marketer?

In this blog, I will share my own story that how I became a Successful Digital Marketer after facing many failures.

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Aravindan srinivasan Failures

No Matter How Many Times I Fall, I Will Still Rise.

Throughout my life, I had came across the words like " you can't do it, you won't, it will not happen for you." If anyone came across these words please don't ignore this words because these are the words that going to make you stronger in your life.

Most of them are outstanding performers and toppers in their successful life. But, I'm just an average student who failed in most of the subjects in my 12th Grade, that too in Mathematics not even passed in a single paper, My Teacher said he can't pass in his 12th grade. I " Passed".

In my college days, chose the degree as a B.E Mechanical Engineering. Nearly 16 Arrears, My Interest was in something else Graphic Design and Digital Platforms. Professors, Family Everyone was against me. I was helpless, Stressed, Depression left the home. Ok, that's not a good idea too. Came back and was Given a "Come Back" to my career.

Everything changed, Because of my father's words decided to complete the degree. Yes, cleared all my arrears in the final semester and Graduated.

Started my career as a Social Media Coordinator with a knowledge of basic graphic design. Faced a lot of challenges, and learned about improving myself.

With my colleague's support, get to know about Mr. Amudhakumar a Digital Marketing Trainer, Mentor. Mentored by him and His Motivation I joined as a Digital Marketing Executive in a Company without even completing the course.

And after that getting knowledge and experience in work, joined as a Digital Marketing Specialist in Gramiyaa- India's Leading Wood Cold Pressed Oil Manufacturer. And then from there, with my performance the company made me work for their sister concern organization Kaveri Garage Private Limited - A Tata Motors Authorised Dealership, as a Digital Marketing Manager.

And worked and operated many Brands like SRT Tata, SRT Jeep, TheStage, Vela Ather, Shashin Studios, Afox Advertising, Maruthi Plastics, and Packaging Pvt Ltd, etc.

My Success is not in making six figures, It's in My Happiness, My Work-Life Balance, and My Passion for my Work.

This may or may not be inspirational, but whoever reading this need to understand that, A Job or work or passion if you love your work, if you're happy then just say to yourselves that you're successful.

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